One stop solution for your tea business

Pasarteh is the first Indonesian Tea Market that offers tea and tea equipment for business purposes.

Founded by Gitta Badruddin & Ratna Somantri. Gitta is a president commissioner of a holding company who runs several tea plantations in West Java & Sumatera, her family has been in the tea plantation business for three generations.  Ratna is a certified tea specialist & tea sommelier who has offered tea consultancy, actively conducted numerous workshops for companies and individuals for more than 10 years as well as wrote several tea books.  Gitta & Ratna do all the curation and quality control for all the teas offered in Pasarteh and share tea knowledge and experiences. 

Build a successful tea business with us

Tea has become a rising trend in food and beverage industry in Indonesia. There are so many opportunities for everyone who is passionate about tea and wanting to venture out a tea business such as tea shop, café to a home-based internet website. Pasarteh offers everything you need to start your business. We are not only provide all kind of good quality tea and its equipment but also provide training and consultancy to help you succeed in your tea business.

Explore how you can improve the tea quality in your establishment

For cafe and restaurant that has already served tea, you can explore and try our products and see whether we can help you improve your existing business. We have confidence that we can help you improve because we sourced our products freshly and directly from tea plantations all over Indonesia combined with our wide experiences and network in tea business.

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